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AfrikVision360 NewsNet

21st Century AFRICA

The 21st Century has seen Truly DYNAMIC CHANGES for the AFRICAN CONTINENT !!!

Many of the Past - Post Colonial/Independence systems have given way to a VIBRANT Outlook and 'ReFreshing' of  a Truly African Society.


Political & Business in most countries are Progressing, even in the times of the current Pandemic.


AfrikVision360NewsNet was Created as a Platform Designed to Present a 24/7 Presentation of News & Information Delivered to a Young and Impassioned group of Africans on the Continent, as well as in the Diaspora.



Our Company, AV360 Networks, has developed a ‘CONCEPT’ for a LIVE Presentation of News to be Delivered ONLINE/MOBILE, and to a ‘Select’ Group of African Broadcasters. The network will serve as the 'cornerstone', for its planned AfrikVision360 OTT Platform.


The Unifying ingredient, is to provide the African Viewer, as well as those in the Diaspora with a continuous flow of African News, Business, Sport, Perspective & Feature content.


Our ‘GOAL’…To be THE Premiere Provider of ‘360 Degrees’ of content that is Targeted at an African audience and Produced via a Collaboration of Media Professionals from all 54 African Nations, and those Living and Working in Europe, and the Americas.


The content Presented on this Site…Is an EXAMPLE of the type of content that will be:

  1. Produced by or (2) 'Curated '& Licensed by the company for Distribution 

 ALL CONTENT PRESENTED in this ‘CONCEPT PRESENTATION’, is NOT the Property of, Nor is it Licensed by the Company.


It is merely ‘AN EXAMPLE of the CONCEPTS’ for AfrikVision360NewsNet (AV360NewsNet).


The content has been carefully 'Curated' by the Management and Advisors to the company.


The Company, has commenced to communicate with a Number of Print/Broadcast/Online Journalists/Producers/Directors,Editors and others who have experience in the Development, Production & Dissemination of News & Feature Content.


We welcome those interested to Join us in this venture, and to ‘Reach Out’ to us, and participate in this Adventurous Journey. Please 'Register' with the site, and we will email you Information and Organise a One-One conversation in the Near future.


Your Questions and Comments are Welcome.






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